Hexagonal shapes are prolific throughout nature, most notably, these shapes are seen in the hive of the honey bee.  The soft and simple form of the Nectar lampshade resonates with us, tapping into the deep and ancient association we have with bees.

During the day it is a soft reminder of the beauty of nature and the amazing strength of the honeycomb structure.  At night the Nectar comes alive with a warm and comforting inner glow that also highlights the structure and craftsmanship of the shade.

Made from a lightweight acoustic fabric, the Nectar Lampshade can improve the acoustic comfort of various spaces while providing either a soft ambient light (Full shade below), or a more direct light source (Half shade above).

Date designed: 2011

Half shade             270mmH x 360mmW x 360mmL
Half shade large    460mmH x 720mmW x 720mmL         
Full shade              690mmH x 360mmW x 360mmL

100% PET (90% post consumer waste), steel spider and ring.

Light grey, Dark grey (half shades only), Orange, Mustard.

Does not come with bulb, cable or ceiling rose.

Award winner 2012:                                                          

The Nectar lampshades gained the admiration of the judges and earned the Best Commercial Product award as well as the Best Green Product Award at the Australian International Furniture Fair in Sydney 2012.

The judges comments about the Nectar lampshade Collection were:

“Extremely well resolved modular concept, striking and original, unusual, scaleable and flexible, economical and excellent commercial potential.”

“Here is a product that does not look like an eco product yet displays deep green thinking, proof that good design must embrace sustainability, a product that is emotional, a tribute to nature and makes post industrial waste attractive.”

- The shade material provides acoustic absorbency.

- The shade material is UV stabilised to resist colour fading and moisture damage. This material is also: non-toxic, non-allergenic, highly durable and easy to clean.

- The shade is made from 100% recyclable PET (approximately 90% post consumer waste) and carries certifications that can contribute to Green Star ratings.

- Can come as a flat packed kit set to minimise packaging materials and to reduce its size for transport.  Assembly required.

- It is cleverly constructed in such a way that it does not require any glue or clips for its assembly or any frame work to keep its shape, apart from a steel ring top and bottom.

- Die cut with the parts tightly nested together to minimise waste.

- All off-cuts from the production process are taken back by the manufacturer to be recycled into new material.