While on a 4 month trip round New Zealand in our van I could not help but collect things along the way. Two of those things were naturally hollowed out driftwood and glass from old bottles that had been washed around in the ocean for many years. I had no idea at the time of collecting these that at a later stage I would combine the two.

driftwood lamp 3A - designer Rebecca Asquith.jpg

I wanted to recreate the lost sides of the driftwood using the glass. This turned out to be a very long process because I wanted to make sure the gaps between the glass were as small as possible. This meant hours of sifting through the glass and trying different pieces until I got the best fit.

driftwood lamp 3B - designer Rebecca Asquith.jpg

With my fascination with lights I could not help but put a light into it, it felt like it deserved to come back alive.

driftwood lamp 1 - designer Rebecca Asquith.jpg

Date designed: 2003

Large: 1400mmL x 130mmW

Medium: 550mmL x 80mmW


Found driftwood and glass