Nautilus - hanging lampshade (kitset)


Inspired by a nautilus sea shell, the kit-set Nautilus hanging lamp shade rolls back into itself to mimic the complex organic form of the nautilus shell. 


When the lamp is switched on light filters through the layers of timber to give it a warm glow and provide soft illumination to the surrounding area.  A beautiful pattern is draped over surrounding surfaces contouring and subtley activating your space. 


From its flat packed state the Nautilus lamp can easily be assembled within minutes to create a stunning feature lamp shade.


- CNC cut from 1.5mm European Beech plywood

- Stainless-steel spider and bolts

- Small plastic rivets

Dimensions - (Length/Depth x Width x Height)



- Box size: 315mmL x 265mmW x 45mmH

- Lamp size: 380mmD x 290mmW x 410mmH



- Box size: 405mmL x 315mmW x 45mmH

- Lamp size: 445mmD x 390mmW x 505mmH


- Natural

- Red (stain)


- Made from European Beech plywood.  FSC and PEFC Certified

- The plywood has been CNC cut.  This means the parts are nested tightly together when cutting to minimise waste.  It also means that every part is accurate in its dimensions every time a Nautilus is produced

- Comes as a kitset, which is flat packed to minimise packaging materials and for easy transportation

- The kitset can be assembled in 5-10 minutes by following the instructions provided

- ONLY (low-heat) energy saving light bulbs can be used with the Nautilus because of the bulb's close proximity to the lampshade.  This means savings on power - yay!